Monitoring and diagnosis of the condition of bearings, ball screws, and linear guides is critical for predictive maintenance of machines and equipment. NSK’s ACOUS NAVI is your solution.

Patrol Monitoring Devices
Continuous Monitoring Software


Condition Monitoring / Diagnostic Software ACOUS NAVITM

ACOUS NAVI monitors the operating status of machine elements by diagnosing the early signs of damage or deterioration. It is available as a PC application and on dedicated hardware.

Our lineup provides condition monitoring and diagnostics for all of NSK's main products–bearings, ball screws, and linear guides.

ACOUS NAVI products utilize NSK-exclusive technologies to analyze vibrations based on the mechanisms behind damage and deterioration based on years of research and development.

ACOUS NAVI for Bearings
Diagnose Bearing Flaking, Scratches

ACOUS NAVI for Ball Screws
Diagnose Ball Screw Wear, Flaking

ACOUS NAVI for Linear Guides
Diagnose Linear Guide Flaking, Lubrication State


Products Equipped with ACOUS NAVI™

NSK’s condition monitoring/diagnostic software ACOUS NAVI is built-in our portable diagnostic devices. ACOUS NAVI will also be available as open platform software.

Wireless Vibration Diagnostic Device

A compact patrol monitoring device that offers all-in-one high-spec vibration measurements and diagnosis functions.


<Global Release>
Wireless Vibration Diagnostic Device D-VibA10

This is a high-performance wireless device that can measure and diagnose vibrations and the state of rotating machinery on the spot.

Open platform software

Application that offers continuous monitoring when installed on an industrial PC.


A version of the ACOUS NAVI vibration diagnosis application designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) open platform FIELD system developed by FANUC.


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