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ACOUS NAVI condition monitoring/diagnostics for FANUC Corporation’s FIELD system * 1 open manufacturing platform.

* 1 FIELD system is a registered trademark of FANUC Corporation.


This product has been discontinued as of December 2022.

Keeping equipment running at peak performance starts with bearings, ball screws, and linear guides. ACOUS NAVI offers condition monitoring and diagnostics of these critical components to support predictive maintenance1. By catching signs of damage or deterioration at an early stage, you can avoid costly and unexpected downtime.

* 1 Maintenance work guided by failure predictions based on the monitoring of decreasing function in individual machines and deterioration patterns.


Ball Screws

Linear Guides

Damage and deterioration in machine elements gradually progresses as machine runtime increases, leading to equipment failures and abnormalities.
Catching these problems early is especially effective for predictive maintenance.

Progression of Equipment Damage/Deterioration

ACOUS NAVI catches the signs of damage when they start—the ideal time for predictive maintenance. NSK’s unique vibration diagnosis technology builds on years of R&D on the mechanisms behind damage and deterioration in bearings, ball screws, and linear guides.

Damage Progression and ACOUS NAVI’s Detection Range

Predictive Maintenance Processes

Predictive maintenance comprises several processes including visualizing conditions, monitoring/diagnostics, and investigating causes/enacting countermeasures.

ACOUS NAVI is a comprehensive solution for detecting, visualizing, and diagnosing problems at the right time.

NSK has spent years cultivating knowledge on the mechanisms behind damage and deterioration in bearings, ball screws, and linear guides. Now, we put expertise into practice with ACOUS NAVI condition monitoring/diagnostic software.

The entire ACOUS NAVI line supports predictive maintenance of equipment and machinery through diagnosis at the early signs of damage.

ACOUS NAVI for Bearings
Bearing flaking, scratches

ACOUS NAVI for Ball Screws
Ball screw wear, flaking

ACOUS NAVI for Linear Guides
Linear guide flaking, poor lubrication


Overview of ACOUS NAVI (FIELD System)

The FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive FIELD system * 1 is an open platform aimed at improving productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing industry.
This version of ACOUS NAVI catches early signs of damage and deterioration in bearings, ball screws, and linear guides in machinery connected to the FIELD system.

* 1 FIELD system is a registered trademark of FANUC Corporation.

Specialized into three applications to match your assessment needs.

ACOUS NAVI for Bearings (FIELD system)

・Detection/diagnostics:Flaking, scratches
・Sampled data:Vibration acceleration

Bearing flaking (example)

ACOUS NAVI for Ball Screws (FIELD system)

・Target:Ball screws
・Sampled data:Vibration acceleration

Ball screw wear (example)

ACOUS NAVI for Linear Guides (FIELD system)

・Target:Linear guides
・Sampled data:Vibration acceleration

Linear guide flaking (example)


System Structure

Get comprehensive diagnostic results for machines across your facility—vibration sensors mounted near bearings, ball screws, and linear guides provide the data needed for individual assessments on damage and deterioration.
ACOUS NAVI (FIELD system) can be downloaded from the FIELD system store and installed on the FIELD system BOX (work PC).


Solution Services (Optional Services)

ACOUS NAVI (FIELD system) customers can use our optional services for even greater insights into predictive maintenance (estimates available on request). NSK solution services include detailed data analysis and product investigations.

Detailed Data Analysis

Take collected vibration data and diagnostic results to the next level with in-depth analysis reports from NSK’s highly skilled engineers.

Product Investigations

Get investigative reports for bearings, ball screws, and linear guides monitored by ACOUS NAVI (FIELD system).

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